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Who We Are

A Brief History About Us

Everything began in June, 1981

During the periods of the ’70s and ’80s, tides of immigrations flourished into Canada. Rev. Moses Cheng and his family members saw the vision and need to establish an Evangelical church dedicated to evangelizing those who came to this country from overseas.

Early stages

There were only 12 members and the fellowship meetings took place between the homes of these brothers and sisters.


They worshiped God in the forms of Bible study, prayer, and worship gatherings. They came together with one heart for the fellowships and services.


Then, Vancouver Canaan Church began its first Sunday formal service in a church in Burnaby on September 13, 1981.


Years later, VCC finally moved to the current location at 6311 Prince Albert St, Vancouver on November 4th, 1984.


There are three other sister churches in Richmond, Surrey, Tri-city, Toronto, New York, and Washington State.